Sat. Jan 25th, 2020

Police Officer Involved in Killing of California Rapper

A young rapper died in California at the hands of police earlier this month, after receiving 25 shots, according to denounced on Wednesday the lawyer of the family of the victim.

“This was exaggerated,” said Melissa Nold, who examined the body in the morgue and indicated that six police officers from Vallejo, 50 km north of San Francisco, shot her in the face, throat, chest, left ear, arms and shoulders to 20-year-old Willie McCoy in a fast food place on February 6.

“There is no evidence to justify that level of force and there is no possible reason why you need to shoot someone so many times,” he added. “It was almost like they were practicing target shooting.”

Nold said that McCoy, who used Willie Bo as his stage name, was in the family’s house recording music when he decided to go to a Taco Bell to eat, late at night.

The police indicated that they received a call from the establishment about a Mercedes-Benz stationed in the channel that leads to the self-service in a window (Drive-thru) with the engine turned on and a man as if unconscious, with his head on the steering wheel.

Officers noticed the gun in the car and studied the action plan when McCoy woke up, looked for the gun and ignored the “hands up” order.

“Fearing for their safety, six officers fired their service weapons,” Vallejo police said in a statement. Authorities also indicated that the pistol was loaded and had been reported stolen in Oregon.

However, Nold explained, as he explained, that nothing justifies that response. “That’s the kind of force you use in a shootout,” he insisted.

He added that given the circumstances they could have taken a position of defense and wake up the victim using the siren or the corner of the patrol.

“If he was supposed to be armed, why did they stand in front of him?” He questioned. The Vallejo police did not respond on Wednesday to the AFP’s request for comment. The McCoy shooting follows a series of similar incidents of alleged police brutality in the United States in recent years.

And it is not the first time that the Vallejo Police Department has been scrutinized as a result of allegations of excessive use of force. A video showed an officer about a man on the ground hitting him several times in the face. In another, a policeman is seen hitting a man with his flashlight while a partner puts the handcuffs on him.

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