Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

Real Game Without the White Bars in the Court for Fans

The fights between fans exist in football forever. Already in the Olympic “intermediate” of 1906, which were held in Athens, the semifinal between an eleven in Athens and one in Thessaloniki was interrupted halfway through fights in which they intervened by the same public and players. What is recent are supposed fans who use the feeling for colors too, by any means, profit themselves. It is the degeneration of the bars.

The bars exist decades ago. They are organized groups of fans who are united by the love for a team. In Spain, the oldest is said to be one of the Betis founded in 1927. Over time some of these organizations derived into groups that defended colors, whatever the cost. It was the origin of violent groups.

The world knew the hooligans, whose terrible peak was the tragedy of Heysel. In 1985, in the final of the European Cup between Juventus and Liverpool, a load of red fans killed 39 innocents, most fans of the Turin team.

In Latin America, it is difficult for us to copy the civilians of Europeans; the wild yes we adapt it quickly. Argentina is its maximum exponent. There they are real mafia organizations. A report by Spanish television a few years ago showed how the leaders of the 12 (River Plate) can get to enter bizarre figures: about 30,000 euros per month.

They handle parking spaces, tickets given by the leadership, drug trafficking in their area of ​​influence and even tourist guides offering “security”. In the stadium, while the true fans watch the game with interest, they turn their backs on the court to direct the baton of groups that have evolved to be admirers of themselves.

In essence, the Argentine wild bars use football to enrich themselves at the expense of a handful of useful bobos. To arrive at this is the golden dream of the Colombian wild bars. They want to be like the criminals of the south.

Not long ago, in 2017, Baron Rojo Sur issued a statement where they were not “responsible for the security of the city of Cali” due to a Tulua-Nacional that would be played in the Pascual Guerrero, a publicly owned stadium.

With a view to the recent and decisive Millonarios-Pasto, the directives of the Blues denounced the intentions of blue braves to generate disorders against the team as a protest because they took away “their” rostrum. Reds, blues, greens, yellows. All combinations, all tones. The white bars must disappear.

How to finish them is already invented. England and Spain have multiple examples. But the union of directors, clubs and Dimayor is required. I do not observe that in Colombia. You have to close the door; not doing it on time can be very expensive.

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