Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

Hospital in Qubec Fires a Nurse after Discovering She Had No License


A recent study conducted in the United States suggests that youngsters who endure unpleasant encounters like neglect and abuse might be bound to have problem in sleep patterns in adulthood. Health authorities in Quebec have found that a lady who had been employed as a medical caretaker for hospital patients for a period of around twenty years was actually an impostor. The healthcare specialist in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean area in eastern Quebec terminated the lady this month from her job at the hospital that is located in Jonquière.  The health expert explained the nurse figured out how to get enlisted and continue her job by giving the nursing license details of somebody with a similar name.

The woman’s ploy was found half a month back when she tried to enroll at an instructional class. An authority saw that the age recorded on her permit number did not coordinate with her real age. She was quickly suspended pending an examination, which prompted her expulsion. Before being noticed, the lady had worked in a few divisions of the emergency clinic, even the operation department. A representative for the wellbeing specialist said a pursuit adjusted no proof the lady had a nursing degree. Joelle Savard explained that throughout the years, the reports asked of her were given — adulterated records. She said a defect in its records has been fixed to guarantee two individuals can’t utilize a similar permit number.

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