Mon. Oct 14th, 2019

YouTube Bans Any Sort Of Extremist Content

YouTube is once again surrounded by controversies over the posting of objectionable videos on its platform. On June 5, it announced that it was contemplating a change in its policies to ban the superiority of whites, the massacre of Jews and pro-Nazi videos. Earlier this month, YouTube was criticized for posting a video of Steven Crowder.

Crowder has 4 million subscribers to create conservative videos. He constantly targets video host Vaux’s video host Carlos Maja. Gay Maja Latin is American. YouTube previously stated, Crowder’s videos are not against his policies. Later the pressure was told, they would not be able to make money through advertising on their videos. In a blog post on June 5, the company stated that it had taken this step, not on the basis of a video, but in view of Crowder’s widespread influence. The same day the company announced a ban on videos related to the superiority of a group. At a conference on June 10, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said, “The change in rules is not related to Crowder. We have been working on it for several months”. People have turned to online extremism after incidents like the Christchurch massacre in March. YouTube will be considering its own policies due to its attention. But questions arise.

He has to be cautious in the matter of implementing his policy. His policy seems to have led to a research block opposing the views of the extremists without any intention. Wojcicki, on the other hand, has apologized for the Crowder incident. He said in a statement, our decision may have hurt the gay community but we did not intend to. If we remove that content then there is a lot of content that needs to be removed. This statement raises the question as to why YouTube gives place to questionable content.