Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

North Korea Tests New Weapon, Fifth Test in Two Weeks to Developing Traditional Weapons

North Korea tested a ‘new weapon’ on Saturday. The dictator Kim Jong-un was present to see it in person. However, the state media did not give any information about this new weapon. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said on Saturday that Pyongyang wants to resume nuclear disarmament talks.

The North Korean Foreign Ministry said, “The latest tests have been done to develop conventional weapons. Tested for the fifth time within two weeks. North Korea had said that it was angry with the ongoing exercises between the US and South Korea and that the testing was done against it.

‘We are satisfied with the testing of weapons’. According to KCNA, North Korea is satisfied with Saturday’s test. Defense officials in Seoul said two short-range ballistic missiles were sighted. It was fired from near the northeastern city of Hamhung on Saturday. These missiles, which fell between the Korean peninsula and the Sea of​Japan, had a range of 400 kilometers.

  1. Korea conducted exercises against us – A. Korea. According to KCNA, Kim ordered that the new weapon be tested immediately after it was developed. The Foreign Ministry of North Korea said that Seoul has conducted maneuvers against us. Any future negotiations will be between North Korea and the US, not between North and South Korea.

At the same time, US President Donald Trump said that Kim’s letter was received on Saturday. Trump said Kim was not happy with the missile tests. We may meet soon.