Sun. Sep 22nd, 2019

Not Updating the App, Can Make You a Victim of Cyber Fraud

Today, there are many types of apps in everyone’s smartphone. If these apps are not updated regularly then you can be a victim of cybercrime. Your phone can be hacked at any time. There have been many such cases in the past, in which users have faced trouble. Cyber ​​expert Rajat Tiwari says that if you become a victim of cyber fraud, you can complain on and Apart from this, on the customer care number given in the shopping app, you can also do a full investigation about any offer.

All those who want to know in 4 questions-

Question-1: How can you be a victim of fraud by not updating the app?

Devendra Singh searched for a washing machine on the online shopping website Amazon. After some time a call came. It was said that this call is from Amazon, 50% discount is being given under special offer. Link sent to them for a discount. By clicking on the link, they were given the delivery details as well as the payment option. The number stopped as soon as the payment went. There was a fraud of 11 thousand from Devendra.

Question-2: What do you do to escape?

Hackers try to steal data while working on the previous app version. It gets locked as soon as the app is updated and data is not stolen.

Question-3: Where do you update the app?

Hackers try to steal data by sending fake links. So download from the play store and update from there. Also read the review.

Question-4: Loss of not updating?

App developers also send updates several times to remove bugs. If the user does not update the app, then there is a high risk of data theft or phishing.