Sun. Sep 22nd, 2019

5G Will Bring Intelligent Connectivity in Your Daily Life

Imagine that while you are sitting in a car, you press an app in your mobile that sends information to a sensor and the garage door opens. On getting out, you get a breakfast menu message from your favorite restaurant. You place the order and pick it up on the way. After this, you stream music from YouTube via voice commands and find out the status of traffic on your route. This imagination can become reality in the near future with the help of telecom powered technology. This is the best intelligent connectivity 5G made possible by Telecom. 5G will facilitate the way for business models to enable telecom service providers to offer innovative applications to individual, industrial, commercial, educational, healthcare, agricultural, financial and social sectors. This will also lead to the growth of emerging technologies like IoT, AI, AR, VR, blockchain and fixed wireless high-speed broadband networks. Online high-definition content consumption and 12-fold data growth will open new opportunities for business and new applications.

Opportunities Will Be Available In Many Sectors

We will soon be enjoying live sports in Ultra HD from augmented or virtual reality headsets using 5G connectivity. Along with this, athletes will also be able to watch the games from the point of view. Physical therapy and remote robotic surgeries will also be possible in the healthcare sector through 5G telemedicine, remote recovery and AR.

A New Path Will Open For Entrepreneurs

After being commercialized in countries such as India with small businesses and startups, 5G will positively impact startups and small ecosystem players. The availability of 5G will provide basic tools ranging from starting a business to operating.

5G services are not just limited to fast data speeds or connectivity. With this high-speed network, driverless autonomous vehicles, smart health care, smart agriculture, smart transportation and traffic management and drones will be supported. In addition, 5G’s networked ecosystem will allow more and more devices to be interconnected and become truly interactive.