Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

Fast Food Addiction Is Dangerous In Children

Nowadays children do not eat for nutrients but to increase the taste of the tongue. This is the reason that fast food is becoming his first choice. Recently, Dr. Sarita Bajaj of the Department of Medicine of Prayagraj Medical College informed that obesity among school children is increasing rapidly. Abdominal fat is seen more in boys. At the same time, girls are surrounded by full body fatness. Dr. Sarita Bajaj, while addressing the UP Chapter of Association of Physicians of India (UPAIP) at the Convention Center, cites research on obesity in school children, which reveals many serious things.

He said that this research was done on 12000 children of four government and four private schools. After this, 19 percent of the students were found to have obesity. He said that this problem has increased due to excessive consumption of fast food and lack of interest in sports.

Disadvantages of fast food-

-Leaver weakens fast food

– By consuming fast food, the child’s brain starts becoming weak.

– Consumption of fast food is also increasing the problem of obesity in children.

– Excess consumption of fast food increases the risk of diabetes in the child.

Get rid of fast food addiction like this-

-Create a list of children’s food. While preparing the list, include all the nutritious things in the list, keeping in mind his choice.

– By doing yoga or exercise, the body remains healthy and mind calm.

– Experiment with the taste by making some changes in the home-made food itself.