Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

Five Thousand Years Old City Found In Israel, Archaeologists Told ‘Biggest Discovery’

Israeli archaeologists claim to have discovered the remains of a five thousand year old city. He claims that the city was the largest in its era, where there were arrangements of fort, temple and cemetery. Y. of Israel Archaeological Authority Paz told about this site located in the middle of the country, ‘We have got huge urban construction here. There are plans for streets as well as neighboring and public places. ‘ He said that this is the biggest discovery of the area after the Bronze period. This site is known as N esur. It is spread over 0.65 square kilometers. A traditional temple is found here, in which rare paintings of humans and animals are made. Paz pointed out that this would have been the first step of urbanization of civilization. Another archaeologist Deen Shalem said that the construction found there is 20 meters long and two meters high.