Mon. Nov 18th, 2019

NASA Creates Next Generation Flexible Space Suit

US space agency NASA recently launched its new single size flexible space suit. It can be useful for NASA’s 2024 South Threw Mission. Its most special thing is that it has been made in single size design. It can be worn by astronauts of any height as it can be adjusted to every size. This will help astronauts perform complex tasks on the lunar surface as well as protect them in harsh environments. Currently it has been introduced as a prototype model.

The main feature about this next generation space suite is its durability and flexibility. It will comfort astronauts even under difficult conditions.

NASA exhibited its flexibility in the event; it can be twisted and bended from the waist to the suit, which was not possible in the earlier space. This suit has also been made flexible near the feet, with the help of which the suit can also be sat on the knee. This was not possible in the old space suit.

NASA claims that astronauts of any height can wear it. NASA said that while earlier only a few size options of the space suit were available, this space suit can be reduced to any size.