Fri. Jan 17th, 2020

Tile Sticker, Slim and Pro Tracking Device Launched In India

Bluetooth tracking device manufacturer Tile has launched three of the devices used for tracking in the Indian market. With the assistance of these tracking devices, any products may be easily tracked. The most important thing about these tracking devices is that it is waterproof and the user may track key of the car, bag, etc. by attaching it the same. The two packs of the Tile Sticker are priced at Rs 3,999 and come with a three-year battery backup and are also accessible from the 150 Fit range.

Talking about the Tile Slim, the may be purchased at a price of Rs 2,999. Being very thin, the user can put it in the metro card, laptop, tablet, notebook, and lunchbox, etc. At the same time, talking about Tile Pro, it is the most powerful Bluetooth tracker. It can track from a distance of 400 feet. It has been launched at a price of Rs 3,999.